List of workshops: 

No.1-Past, Present, Future. A dialogue on flood risk on the River Chew

Date: 30 Sep 2023

Location:  Pensford Memorial Hall 

Summary of the workshop

The workshop, which offered a deep dive into the impact of the 1968 flood on the Pensford and Chew Magna communities, took place at the Pensford Village Memorial Hall. The event commenced with a presentation by Dr. Thomas Kjeldsen, shedding light on the project's objectives, historical context, and critical aspects. Thomas underscored the significance of personal memories and tangible evidence in reconstructing this pivotal event. Following the presentation, a question-and-answer session ensued, during which both Dr. Kjeldsen and other project members (Dr. Ioanna Stamataki, and Dr. Ramtin Sabeti)  responded to queries from the attendees, providing additional insights and context related to the presentation. Subsequently, a round-table discussion was held, facilitating a dialogue between project members and community members who had experienced the flood firsthand. This collaborative exchange aimed to glean additional insights and details from those who were alive during the 1968 flood, enriching the project's narrative.

The next segment of the workshop featured a presentation by the Pensford Local History Group. They showcased a collection of photographs from the flood and the days immediately following it. Each image was accompanied by a narration and an explanation of its historical significance, offering a vivid glimpse into the events and locations connected to this impactful flood. This visual exploration provided a compelling perspective on the historical significance of the 1968 flood in Pensford.

Presentation of the workshop

Below video excerpted from the presentation delivered by Dr. Thomas Kjeldsen.

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Workshop Highlights: 

Discover the workshop's key moments in this selected highlight video.


Some pictures of the workshop