List of conferences

No.1-Floodex UK 

Date: 23 Nov 2023

Location:  ExCel, London

Title: Historical flash floods in the South West: Reconstructing the 1968 event

Summary of the presentation

This presentation at Floodex UK was focused on the aftermath of the 1968 flood within the local community, scrutinizing the financial impacts and human casualties. The discussion covered the methods of reconstruction, adopting a tailored approach that incorporates numerical models like HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS for detailed hydraulic and hydrological simulations. The process also involved harnessing narratives and eyewitness accounts from the local populace to inform and enhance engineering practices. Moreover, the conversation extended to the strategies for future risk assessment to guide the forthcoming stages of the project. 


Date: 17 April 2024

Location:  Vienna, Austria 

Title: Reconstructing Historical Flood Events: A Monte Carlo-Based Uncertainty Approach

Summary of the presentation

This study reverse-engineers the 1968 flash flood on the River Chew in Pensford, UK, using historical data like recorded rainfall and eyewitness accounts. Hydrological (HEC-HMS) and hydraulic (HEC-RAS) models, combined with a Monte Carlo simulation, simulate the flood to analyze uncertainty in parameters like peak flow. The data was gathered from local community workshops and focuses on reconstructing the flood's peak hydrograph. This reconstruction aids in improving flood risk management and infrastructure design by understanding past hydrological responses.