2024 Jan 29th : Ramtin's application for research credit was successfully accepted by the Google Cloud Research Credits program. His proposal, titled "Leveraging Python Scripting for Batch Processing in HEC-RAS with Google Cloud Integration," earned a $5,000 credit award. This credit will be allocated for enhancing our batch mode processing capabilities. Explicit  award number is GCP19980904. 

2023 Nov 23rd : Dr Ramtin Sabeti represented our team at the Floodex UK conference, where he showcased our project and discussed the methodology employed to reconstruct historical flash floods. Learn more

2023 Sep 30th : We host a number of Pensford Residents, an Informative Workshop to Commemorate the 1968 Flash Flood Event, Sharing Memories, Insights, and Strength.  Learn more

2023 July 17th : Team member, Dr Ramtin Sabeti won the vice chancellor prize of Brunel University London for research excellence. Learn more

2023 June 01st : Team member, Dr Ramtin Sabeti has moved to the University of Bath to start his new role as a research Associate.

2023 May 11th : Team member Dr Ioanna Stamataki has been awarded the Inspirational Teaching Award in the Student Led Teaching Awards 2023 at the University of Greenwich! Read more